Excerpt from ‘ARION RISING’

They let me sleep in what they probably considered a shack. To me it was immensely elegant. The last time I slept inside four walls and felt safe was twelve years ago. If they only knew. This was a treat for me not a deterrent as Ben would like it to be nor a test as the woman mentioned. They mistakenly viewed me as the spoiled, pale-skinned one, like most Americans were. That’s okay. I’ll take it. I needed the nice hospitality for a change. And I lavished in it.

Then a few hours later, an intense pounding woke me up. The splatter of slurpy licking sounds filled my senses. I opened my eyes and realized I was still on the reservation but trapped inside, removed. I knew everyone was asleep so what would it hurt? I slipped out of my shell of a room and stepped into the cool breezy rain. Within seconds my light blonde hair turned almost black as it was drenched with elemental pride. And my spirit had come back alive. The lack of freedom had been piercing my soul these last few days and I needed a release. Now, standing out here in this powerful storm, I never felt so alive.

I closed my eyes and tilted my face up to the Heavens as the clouds released all they had over and over onto me. Fiercely trying to return me to the Earth drop by drop. And then lyrical sounds filled my ears as the wind picked up again. An andante beginning mixed with fire and passion. I spun around with its movement and swirled as a dirt devil free of my confines. Free of my scared, miserable heart. The puddles under my feet flattened as ice aiding in my speed. I was cavorting with her. She and I were moving in agreement and nothing, save the people of this village, were going to take her away from me.

Then, it ended. A trapping of blankets and hands grabbed and pulled. Before I knew it I was confined back in a room. I kept my eyes low as the cursing began. He was angry. I could tell, but I didn’t want to allow him to see me cry. Ben will never be able to understand me. He will always be distantly watching me in doubt. But I knew who I was. I knew who I was.

Rough fingertips lifted my chin, and I reluctantly gazed into caramel eyes with a silvery glow. They were filled with worry and something else. Ben was worried about me? No way. However, that something else I saw in them was even more puzzling. He stared at me and was no longer speaking. His breathing had slowed and his jaw clenched as if he was fighting with himself. His warm breath danced over my face in an unsure manner. The moment froze us in time.

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