9EDF48EA-647C-499C-9212-2B51C5F08763Téa, a seventeen-year-old girl, has dodged abusive foster homes and surviving harsh street life to achieve her STEM dreams and later become the first Latino woman astronaut to spacewalk. Until… she discovers an anomalous Native American Indian artifact that is actually a powerful seed not of this world. It chooses Téa, an unlikely hero, and endows her with super human abilities to battle a savage alien race that is already here.

The next day, a new and very mysterious guy, Ben, starts following her. Téa learns that he is an alien from Aepi, a distant planet of peaceful and ocean dwelling aliens that have come here to seek refuge. Now, they have to work together because that seed was originally his birthright. But they can’t stand each other! Well that’s okay since Aepi legend warns against their union anyway.

As Téa starts to buy into the whole fairy godmother turn of events, a surprise kiss from Ben forces her to make a choice: give up her new life or give up her first love. And when this interplanetary war comes crashing down upon them, Téa is faced with an even harder choice: save human kind or be the one to end it when she finds out who she really is.

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