Charlotte Reade Mysteries by Laura Cayouette

Actress Charlotte Reade heads to her family home in New Orleans for a family funeral. She embarks on a search through her family history that reveals family secrets so twisted that I couldn’t put the book down.

Laura’s writing is incredible in the way she describes New Orleans. I’ve been there many times. My own parents honeymooned there years ago. Reading Laura’s words made me feel like I was back there right now. The foods, the culture, the creative energy of that city is enigmatic and Laura explains it beautifully.

The descriptions and personalities of her family made me swoon for that Cajun atmosphere even more. I loved the part in the beginning of the book where Charlotte took her mother’s advice “When you have a pimple, show off your cleavage” (worded something like that) and wore a controversial dress on the red carpet in order to distract from the bad reviews that were coming in for the movie she starred in. That is quintessential Cajun advice.

The story unfolded at a nice pace for this genre. Although I’m used to more adventure/fast-paced action genres, I still enjoyed it. I’ve already downloaded book 2 and can’t wait to see where Laura takes us.

Book Review for Fairy Tale Lies by DK Marie!

Fairy Tale Lies centers around a young woman and a guy trying to build his business after putting it on hold for his family. The two meet and like each other immediately, but they don’t know why. They are from two different worlds. However, sparks fly and they become intimate only to not see each other again until his small business lands him in her office with her servicing his account. As they come to terms with their previous short fling, they realize that what started only minutes after they first met is not something they can deny any longer.

I felt for both characters. I could see their struggle. It had real world problems with a touch of heat that had me wishing the book wouldn’t end. If you like sweet romances with some spicy elements, this is your book!

DK’s writing is beautiful and there is heart in everything she writes. I highly recommend following her in this romance series.

I gave this book 5 stars out of 5!!!


9EDF48EA-647C-499C-9212-2B51C5F08763Téa, a seventeen-year-old girl, has dodged abusive foster homes and surviving harsh street life to achieve her STEM dreams and later become the first Latino woman astronaut to spacewalk. Until… she discovers an anomalous Native American Indian artifact that is actually a powerful seed not of this world. It chooses Téa, an unlikely hero, and endows her with super human abilities to battle a savage alien race that is already here.

The next day, a new and very mysterious guy, Ben, starts following her. Téa learns that he is an alien from Aepi, a distant planet of peaceful and ocean dwelling aliens that have come here to seek refuge. Now, they have to work together because that seed was originally his birthright. But they can’t stand each other! Well that’s okay since Aepi legend warns against their union anyway.

As Téa starts to buy into the whole fairy godmother turn of events, a surprise kiss from Ben forces her to make a choice: give up her new life or give up her first love. And when this interplanetary war comes crashing down upon them, Téa is faced with an even harder choice: save human kind or be the one to end it when she finds out who she really is.

Island Time!

The thing about life is that there is no rhyme or reason to anything. There is not a single book that you can read which will help you have a perfect life. We just figure it all out as we go. In general, we try to get along with everyone, make everyone happy, and avoid as many downsides as we can. Then, we get older and realize that bad things will happen and the most important person we need to make happy is us. Mark my words, if you are not to that point in your life that you realize all this, then you are NOT happy. And the only way you can handle all this when you realize it, is to stay positive.

I was the world’s worse at making myself utterly miserable, and I didn’t even know it. I struggled with seeing the glass half full. I guess it was because I did not have the best childhood. I was a child of divorce, was dropped off in the worse daycares, and any kind of structure in my home was non-existent. My mother (single mom), bless her heart, just simply survived. The funny thing was, I didn’t know the extent of my situation until I was in high school. I thought my childhood was normal, although I was miserable. When I figured it all out, I was embarrassed by my family. The best way to hide embarrassment- overcompensate. I did that in so many ways from pressuring myself to make perfect grades to finding an incredible job, at least by my standards. And don’t let me get started on how much of a planner I was. Oh my goodness, I was a freak about planning out months or even years into the future. All of this was a part of the ‘perfect’ life that I was striving for. I didn’t want to be judged for not being from some great family. I wanted people to look at me and think, “She’s got good genes”.

Good genes? What? This is where I was delusional. There wasn’t really anything wrong with the people in my family, just their choices. They were all extremely smart, all college educated, beautiful, you name it. However, their choices started a cycle of pain and poverty that I was dead set on stopping. I did not want the same for me or my kids.

Sometime in my thirties, after my grandparents passed and I began to rely on my faith more than ever, something just clicked. It wasn’t the whole, ‘life is short’ kind of reasoning just yet. It was more than that. It was the realization that in this one life we’re given, things or people you love will or could be gone without warning. Loss is a big part of life. Sadness is a big part of life. You can’t control that no matter how hard you try. And the other important tidbit I learned, bad things will happen.

Want to control something? Want to find happiness when it seems like a pipe dream? Well, that’s the easy part. That is the one thing that took me forty years to learn, no matter how many college degrees and certificates I earned. The only thing that you can manipulate, plan for, rely on… is your own positive thinking. That is it. That’s all. Nothing else. How do you think positively? That’s even easier. Just don’t be negative. If something bad happens, refuse to entertain it. Deal with it quickly in that moment, then go home and move on. Why dwell on something you can’t control? In the words of Annie, “The sun will come out tomorrow.” Go to sleep and let that amazing sun come back out tomorrow. Remember, bad things will happen and they are not a reflection of who you are. It is called ‘life’. We are not in Heaven here. There is no Heaven on Earth like Belinda sang about. Sorry to break the bad news to you. However, that doesn’t mean we can’t find enjoyment in our life so many more times than sadness. You can. You will! You rock!!

How do we do that? When the odds are stacked against you and you pull yourself out of a bad situation, that is when you need to sit back, dwell, and enjoy. That is when you need to realize that things are never as bad as they seemed when you were first confronted with them. After just a few opportunities of being able to quickly recover from screwed up situations, you will begin to see how easy going through them really is. And that is where positive thinking comes in again. It will help you. It is your best friend. You got this!

When I studied for my Master’s degree, my thesis paper was on teens in Japan and the ridiculously high suicide rate among them. I finished that degree several years ago. As of 2018, Japan’s youth suicide rate is now at its highest in 30 years. The underlying cause: too much pressure from so many different people in their lives. Adults, peers, etc.. That leads me to the final problem in your life- who are you spending time with? I know you’ve heard it before, don’t spend too much time with negative people. I can not express to you how true that statement is. Are you hanging out with these people because they are all you have? Are you a victim of caring too much about what people think of you the same way I was? Do you really value their opinion? Who are they to be able to have that much of an influence on your life? Are you constantly bombarded with negative social media posts, government problems, media scares? Guess what? It is time to swim to your own island. It is time to be alone. Leave the friends, family, or whoever/whatever is mentally hurting you and just go! It doesn’t matter how long you have to remain there or how much you have to scroll passed all those social media posts. Go! Go be somewhere positive!

Hey, I’ll meet you there! I’d love to be there, and so would everyone else that has decided that enough is enough. Everyone that is tired of listening to people complain, put others down, judge them, or just put off negative energy. LEAVE. If it’s family, then monitor how much time you spend around them. Negativity will drain you and make you into someone that you are not supposed to be. God has better plans for you. So, find your island and exist on it alone until the right people swim over to visit. Make them come to you! Positive thinking, smiling, believing in yourself, etc… are all contagious. Don’t take as long as I did to realize this.

And that brings me back to the adage, life is short. Therefore, don’t waste this precious life God have you. So, what are you waiting for? Take the dive and swim to your happy place. You won’t regret those moments alone. It is way better to be happy alone then be surrounded by people or things that bring you down. See you on your island!!! (-:








The Art of Listening

141FBB73-1040-414C-B6F7-6053E999D0CBOur kids are being taught now in amazing schools and have constant access to information on the internet. They read countless books, research, share ideas online, and are pushed harder by parents and educators than we ever were. However, they are not any smarter than us. Why not? I should have already known why, I taught high school several years for Christ’s sake. I guess I could never put my finger on it until now. As my son and I debated over politics the other day, I finally figured it out. Kids act like they listen to you but in all reality, they truly lack the ability to actually listen.

Things moved slower when the Baby Boomers and their kids were growing up, even though it didn’t seem like that to us. However, compared to kids today, we had plenty of time to take in information and process it. Why is it important to process it? It’s not just about being a sponge. It’s about that higher level of intelligence. You know the poster you see sometimes in psychologist’s and educator’s offices covering Bloom’s Taxonomy of Learning? A teacher’s goal is to strive to create lessons to hit all six of those domains listed, especially the very top domain, Creating. Now, I’m not going to bore you with each category and all kinds of other education jargon. What I will tell you is that if you are a parent, your kids are probably struggling with one of the foundation pieces, Analyzing.

We all know that to analyze information, we have to separate it into parts and organize it first. It takes a little time. Kids aren’t doing that. They are in a rush and don’t want to take the time. But why? What has them so busy? Not many of them work on farms anymore. Why are they too busy to take in what they hear and correctly analyze it? The answer lies in the old adage, everything in moderation. Our kids are being bombarded with so many issues now that they jump from one thing to another without fully understanding it. Also, think about the kids that are so sensitive that they take in bits and pieces of social/environmental issues and freak out! They shut down before you, as their parent, can explain that the information or data they came across online or wherever wasn’t taking into account other theories, statitics, etc… Then if or when you finally get your thoughts in, your child moves on to another problem without fully analyzing what you told them. Some kids are left with anxiety over a bunch of bull, and they’re going out into the world already emotionally crippled.

What’s the solution? The solution is to know there is a problem and address it. The next time you are talking to your child, remind them that it is time for them to stop talking and to listen to you, the adult. You, the one that cares about them. You, the one that has years of wisdom on them and even most of the people your child comes in contact with online. If they still don’t follow what you’re saying, put it in simpler terms- To listen is to pay attention with not just your ears, but your mind and heart. When they finally learn to stop long enough to really listen to other people, not just with people they agree with either, they will grow smarter. In the end, it will also teach them how to show respect to the person talking. People love to share knowledge if they feel like they are really being listened to.

With all that being said, I am proud of my son for gathering information and debating his opinions. Who wouldn’t be? But I want more for my kids. I want them to always stay open-minded and in order to that, they must know how to properly listen.