Book Reviews!


RIVER by Ryen Lesli

Seventeen-year-old River never feels like she belongs. She has an unique ability where she can see some kind of special light around people. She knows when someone’s good or bad. Then, she meets ‘him’. The strange boy that takes her on an adventure of self-discovery.

I loved the intriguing plot in this story and the changes River undergoes as she’s catapulted into a world she never imagined.

Ryen’s writing is beautiful, her attention to detail was superb, and the sweetness between the characters was page-turning. I look forward to more from this author.



Fairy Tale Lies centers around a young woman and a guy trying to build his business after putting it on hold for his family. The two meet and like each other immediately, but they don’t know why. They are from two different worlds. However, sparks fly and they become intimate only to not see each other again until his small business lands him in her office with her servicing his account. As they come to terms with their previous short fling, they realize that what started only minutes after they first met is not something they can deny any longer.

I felt for both characters. I could see their struggle. It had real world problems with a touch of heat that had me wishing the book wouldn’t end. If you like sweet romances with some spicy elements, this is your book!

DK’s writing is beautiful and there is heart in everything she writes. I highly recommend following her in this romance series.

I gave this book 5 stars out of 5!!!