The 12th Letter Movie


We are excited to have the chance to bring this fictional, yet faith based novel to life as a movie that will highlight a disabled veteran as he struggles to find peace and a new purpose in life on the shores of Galveston, TX. In doing this movie, we hope to help raise awareness of our real-life veterans that commit suicide at a rate of 22 per day. 

Currently, the screenplay and the film short that we are working on has been requested for review by Angel Studios of PureFlix (studio that brought you The Chosen). However, in order to finish the production of the film short, that will shoot in Pittsburgh, PA, and get it into the hands of the right people that will do the most good with it, we are in need of any contribution you can give.

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Movie: “The 12th Letter”!!!

Disabled veteran, Trey Reynolds, begins an unusual pen pal friendship with a nun not of his time. This odd relationship is exactly what he needs to reacclimate into his life back home and find hope in something bigger than himself to help guide him back to his faith. He finds that peace and guidance in Sister Margaret by doing what seems to help most people of trauma, writing it all down for her. However, Sister Margaret’s fate has been set and their time together is running out. 

Sister Margaret is fictional, as well, but her character is loosely based on one of the nuns whose tragic and true story has inspired many people around the world. In September of 1900, our nation’s worst natural disaster came in the form of a hurricane that flooded all of Galveston, Texas taking with it the 10 nuns and 90 orphans of St. Mary’s Orphanage.

This movie needs to be produced well, so it can spread to the masses not only what the nuns did for the orphans in an attempt to save them, but also so it can reveal the sacrifices that our military personnel and their families make for our country every day.

Hope and love are the themes of this story as we won’t give up until we heal our vets and inspire people to help others every chance they get.

As the author wrote in the book, “We are all called for something special in our lives, a way to help others when our moment arrives. However, not all have the courage to follow His plan. The nuns of St. Mary’s Orphanage did by doing all they knew to do to save the children when that devastating hurricane hit. Also, the protectors of our freedoms have that same courage as they risk their lives after deploying and leaving their own families for the sole purpose of helping us.”

Here is your chance to help a movie intent on honoring our fallen and help our veterans that struggle when they come home.

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Filming begins in June 2022