The beginning of the 1st Century was a pivotal point in history that set the stage for the human race as we know it. When Kyla Marshall, a young career-driven woman, stumbles into her client’s lab at the precise moment as an U.N. sanctioned mission is underway, she finds herself sent back in time to 8 A.D. Ancient Rome. This fragile date in human history is a year before the beginning of the end for the Roman Empire (Battle of Teutoburg Forest) and only a few years before the beginning of the Christian faith.

Being both a burden to the special ops team heading up the mission and her dislike of domineering military men, Kyla does her best to keep up and simply survive. However, she learns that the special ops team’s mission is to stop a biochemical scientist, who was originally sent through time by a powerful governmental sect, from unleashing a deadly virus on the unsuspecting 1st Century people in order to change history.

Will the team be able to stop the scientist from changing the past and ultimately present day? Will Kyla be able to make it out of Rome and travel back through time to get home? Or will she even want to when she finds her feelings for one of the soldiers have changed?


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