POEMS & other random thoughts

I love to be kissed. I even sometimes like imagining being kissed. Enjoying the expectation of a man’s magic upon my lips. But a kiss from you, Oh my stars- you! One kiss from you, and I know I’ll never be the same again.

Licking of lips. Seductive grins. Teasing smirks. Spicy stares. Then, throw in a few banter games. Like crossing tracks of figure eights. Or a Mambo dance that gets carried away. Oh how our minds crave this chase & how our amped-up, starving bodies just lead the way.

Deep inside every heart are beats for love, beats for desire. A fascinating existence until your heart no longer beats based on emotions, but on survival. Return to the reunion of peace & joy. Return to this place with me. Return & feel alive. I’ll be here waiting again.

Baby, I know it’s cold outside. But the longer I stay inside, wrapped tightly in your warm, virile arms drinking up your delicious skin on mine, I won’t be able to deny the yearning to do what I really want to do ….to YOU. Are u ready for that?

You do things to me. Things I can’t describe. As hard as I try my body is no longer mine. Your presence ravishes my mind. Your mouth drives me wild. Each time we return to each other, I fall. But falling in love was just the precursor. The climax was becoming yours completely.

Wait on me till the last newborn cries. Till those left behind are delivered to the skies. Till the sun no longer sets. Till life is but another step, and I’ve taken my last breath. Wait on me mon amour, ma vie.